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Who are we (elite)?

Elite Company was established with more than 15 years of experience under the management of Mr. Ahmed Adel Othman - Mr. Mohamed Abdel Salam Jibril.

With two branches in October and Hadayek October, the company has become the first choice for customers, whether in Egypt or outside Egypt, based on the company’s various and advanced services in the field.

The company is the first choice for the client in the field of real estate consulting and investment because it has consultants in the field of the Egyptian real estate market to guarantee the client the best choice.

إيليت للاستثمار والإستشارات العقارية
إيليت للاستثمار والإستشارات العقارية

The company provides the best payment systems in all projects, whether residential, commercial, administrative, hotel or coastal projects.

It provides and guarantees to all its clients, whether in or abroad, different and various payment systems in all company projects.


Social Responsibility

Elite Company does not forget its role towards the community, as it trains recent graduates by providing training courses to prepare them for the real estate market.

The Company goals

The Elite Group for Consulting and Real Estate Investment seeks to have branches all over the Republic in order to be close to all its clients in order to be the first choice and place of trust for the client.



The company provides all Egyptian real estate market developers with professional consultants in Egyptian real estate market analyzing through the experience and guidance of Elite Group management, which always works to satisfy and serve the customer.

There is a department specialized in studying contracts for free for all clients to ensure that all papers are legal. The company also provides all investors with consultations to guide investors on how to invest in real estate and maintain capital cycles. It offers projects with major developers to be a real estate consultant for them, such as:

And others it even brings together all developers under one roof. To guarantee the customer a variety of choices, such as spaces and payment systems, to choose the best for the price in order to ensure the best investment to achieve the best return. It also provides investment clients with many and varied investment opportunities.

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